ClamView is the Graphical User Interface of a set of codes implementing image processing on clam images. It provides tools to perform morphometrics analysis on them:
  • contour detection of clams;
  • scaling with the calculation of Fourier or Landmarks descriptors for the obtained contours;
  • statistical classification of clams thanks to the calculated descriptors.

More detailed information on how to install and use ClamView can be found in ClamView-handbook.pdf (you can also download this file by going to the Documents section of this website).

ClamView can be used on MS Windows.

This software has been developped in the framework of the OTIAMA project, and has been supported by the following organizations:
  • The Pau and Adour Region University, France ( UPPA );
  • The French National Center for Scientific Research ( CNRS );
  • The French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea ( Ifremer ).

NOTE (ONLY for people interested in the source files of this project)

People interested in the source files of this software can have a look at the Repository section of this website. You can access the project using Subversion. On MS Windows you can use the command line Subversion client SlikSVN (http://www.sliksvn.com/en/download).
To get the project for the first time do

svn checkout https://redmine.univ-pau.fr/svn/clamview

To get the latest version of the project do
svn update

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