GlassEel2D is the Graphical User Interface of a code implementing a two-dimensional glass eel behavior model, allowing the simulation of glass eel migration in tidal estuaries.

More detailed information on the model and on how to use GlassEel2D can be found in GlassEel2D-handbook.pdf. To access this document please download the "GlassEel2D-doc.zip" file (available in the Documents section of this website) and unzip it.
People interested in the source files of this software can have a look at the Repository section of this website.

This software has been supported by the following organizations:
  • The Pau and Adour Region University, France ( UPPA );
  • The French National Center for Scientific Research ( CNRS );
  • The French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea ( Ifremer );
  • The European Union. The research leading to this software has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme ([FP7/2007-2013]) under grant agreement n° [212133]. This work has been undertaken in the framework of the 'EELIAD' (European Eels in the Atlantic: Assessment of Their Decline) project.

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