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Projet BQR

08/02/2013 14:04

Présentation du projet

Presentation of the visio

22/02/2013 13:43

The PowerPoint of the Viso Conference (15th february)

Report of the viso conference (15th february)

22/02/2013 13:44

The report

Correction of the report (Manager of Topic 4)

25/02/2013 14:46

The manager of the Topic 4, Display Retrieval, is Richard and not Jesus


23/04/2013 16:29

Collection of links to relevant ontologies for Workpackage 3 (Data Representation).

The species

18/04/2013 10:38

Mashups overview

26/04/2013 12:31

Overview concerning Mashups, their uses within a T2i research group and into the ROSCO project.

WP3-First Draft for the ROSCO ontology

24/06/2013 11:22

The folder includes a Readme file and two OWL files (both representing the same ontology).
The ontology is presented for discussion purposes.
Suggestions are welcome.